Addathon Derby Rules

-Teams must register before 5 pmĀ  day before derby

-must have addathon derby flyer in video

-write secret code in red box on flyer announced at start of derby

-2 people per Team

-2 person team per boat

-Can use only 4 rods per boat

-100 % catch and release derby

-Please don't remove oversize from water, do you best to measure in water

  • -Please treat these fish with respect and release them in a nicely manner

-Director of derby has the right to refuse any entry's and participation in derby if found to break DFGW rules or harming fish

-Addathon Teams set the bar, lets show everyone how to correctly release a sturgeon and how to preserve our fisher for the next generation.

Here is a sample video of a Addathon Team show the measuring, the flyer, and a awesome release of fish.