2017 November 1st Place Team

Dan Ditlevsen and Greg McElroy 

2017 November 2nd Place Team

Caesar Trapasso and Rickey Acosta

2017 November 3rd Place Team

Manny Borges and Mike

Addathon Ironman Sturgeon Derby

-Funnest Sturgeon Derby on the Delta

-How it works?

-Must have a Facebook account and be a member of Addathon Iron Man Group page

-A Team Is, 2 People Per Boat, 4 Rods Per Boat

-Two people work together as a teams to catch and release sturgeon for points from start to end of derby.

-The scoring structure of Derby is points added up through out derby, shakers 3 points, slots 9 points, oversize 5 points

-Teams take a video with phone of fish showing current derby flyer, tape measure showing length, then video is uploaded to Addathon Iron man Facebook page to authenticate entry.

-After video is uploaded, every team has there own simple to use private password protected scoring app they record there points after video is upload.  This App is real time and updates your scores for all to see in real time. All Teams get a link to there private app sent to them when they register.

-There is a results page that has all scores real time for all teams to see located on the "derby Results" page.  We send out a link for this page for easy access for all users.

-Enter derby by emailing me at, please include Team Name, and names of both people in Team

-100% Catch and Release

-100% Payback

-Flyer can be found on Addathon Iron Man Group Facebook page or on Derby Flyer Page.  Print out a few copies as they get wet or put in plastic sleeve.

-To secure that no teams can cheat, there is a code that is released at the start of derby that is written on flyer.